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Introducing Caffes

(just a few out of many)

The Basic Espresso. Pure without any fuss!

Collect all the Caffe!

Everybody has a different way of taking their coffee. Each Caffe in Puzzle Caffe is a different puzzle of combining different ingredients in the right order. Collect all the different Caffe recipes and create your own perfect menu! More than 50 types of Caffe exist in Puzzle Caffe!

Collect the best equipment!

To become the best you also need the best equipment. A better coffeemaker, espresso machine or even different coffee beans are things any Barista needs and wants to constantly improve. Collect and upgrade your Caffe equipment for bonus and incentives!

Become the best Barista!

With the perfect Caffe Menu and the perfect set of Equipment, it's time for you to become the best Barista! Compete against friends and other Barista around the world!

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